Long Distance Friendship Lamps – Wood

Want your friend down the street or across the world know you’re thinking of them? Get a pair of wood decorative lamps that let your friends know you’re thinking of them!
These wood lamps are perfect desk lamps that connect to your WiFi and use a 2-way activation. So whenever you turn on your lamp (anywhere in the world) your friend’s lamp will also turn on. You can send Morris Code or with the multi-changing LED, you can create your own secret messages for different colors.
Why A Great Gift Idea – This is perfect for that friend/boyfriend/girlfriend moving away. Get these matching lamps that not only look good on their own, but they let both of you know that you’re thinking of the other. This is a fun, creative way to instantly reach your friend across the world without getting sucked into your phones. Something only your friend and you know about!